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Fredericia Furniture

The Spanish Chair

Designer : Børge Mogensen
Collection : The Spanish Chair

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Design: Børge Mogensen for Fredericia Furniture

Concept: The Spanish Chair

When talking about Børge Mogensen, The Spanish Chair is probably one of the first designs you would think of, which makes good sense as it is also one of his most recognized products around the world. Børge Mogensen drew large inspiration from several different places when he designed furniture, for example English Windsor chairs, or the American Shaker style, and the Spanish chair is no exception. Børge Mogensen was inspired by the Spanish way of making furniture. A wooden structure which was composed of thick leather.

The Spanish chair is an armchair that must have space. When Børge Mogensen designed it back in 1958, it was intended for larger sofa areas where the coffee table had actually been removed, so that you had a more open conversation area. Therefore, the Spanish chair does very well in many places in the home, as in all its simplicity, it can easily stand alone, but can also easily be used next to a sofa or a small coffee table. The modern chair is a piece of quality art that will follow one for the rest of one's life.
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