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Type Range Wall Bracket

Designer : George Carwardine for Anglepoise.
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Design: George Carwardine for Anglepoise.


The Anglepoise lamp series is known for its highly recognizable industrial expression. Lamps from Anglepoise are characterized by extremely high quality and large functionality. The unique spring in particular makes it possible to easily and calmly set the lamp in exactly the position you want.
The story of Anglepoise starts in 1932, when George Carwardine invents the spring used on the Anglepoise lamps and starts selling them. Sales take off quickly and he therefore seeks help from Herbert Terry and his sons. In 1933, Herbert Terry and sons get the license to produce the lamp from George Carwadine and that is the agreement to this day.
Anglepoise has developed new designs over time, but the original version is still the most well-known of the lamps from Anglepoise - The Original 1227™.
In 2015 , Anglepoise developed the lamp The Original 1227™ Mini. This version is two-thirds of the original size and thus makes the lamp a more authentic version of the original version.
Another well-known Anglepoise lamp is the Type 1228™. This was designed by Kenneth Grange in 2008. The lamp offers the same functionality as the original lamp, but also has a more modern expression.

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