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Standard Dining Chair

Designer : Jean Prouvé
Collection : Standard

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Design: Jean Prouvé, Vitra

The Standard chair, designed by French Jean Prouvé, is an iconic and very classic design. The Standard chair is a clear example of Prouvé's understanding of furniture design. Prouvé knew and understood that when you sit down in a chair, most of the weight is on the back legs. That is why he chose to produce the Standard chair with these wide back legs, so that they can support this weight distribution. Standard is a classic chair that will make a great addition to the home.

The French self-taught designer and metalworker, Jean Prouvé is an interesting man who is behind a large number of iconic and world-renowned products. Since 2002, Vitra , in close collaboration with Jean Prouvé's family, has launched a long series of his interesting and impressive industrial designs. Among other things, you will find the Lampe De Bureau the table lamp, the Trapezé desk and the Potence the wall light.
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