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Light Engine II E27 22W LED 2200-2700K Dim-To-Warm

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Tala Light Engine 2 is a highly innovative bulb from the lightbulb manufacturer Tala. Light Engine is a High-Performance lightbulb, which due to its shape and size, as well as technology is the optimal replacement when you need to move away from the halogen the lightbulb. The Tala Light Engine family are extremely powerful light sources, but compact in their form. Built into the lightbulb is Dim to Warm technology which enables a smooth transition between 2200-2700 Kelvin, while the bulb retains a perfect color reproduction and minimal heat dissipation.

The Light Engine the lightbulbs from Tala have also been developed with a focus on the level of "Flicker". The "flicker" effect occurs due to variation in the light source's supply voltage. Here you often experience an incredibly high "Flicker effect" on cheaper LED light sources, which according to a new scientific study can have an influence on the mental balance.

note: The bulb is recommended for installations with a need for high output. Works well with opal glass shades, where the light has to pass through a thick layer of glass. Also works well with outdoor lamps with regular sockets.

2200-2700 Kelvin
2000 lumens
CRI 93
Lifetime: 30,000 hours
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Parcel service 1~3 working days
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