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Octo 4241 Pendant Lamp

Collection : Octo

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Design: Seppo Koho for Secto


Secto Octo 4241 is the baby brother of the beautiful classic Secto Octo 4240, which is one of Secto's most popular lamps. The new pendant is a smaller alternative to the big Secto Octo 4240. With a height of 55 cm and 45 cm in diameter, the Octo 4241 is more compact, yet it maintains the allure and spaciousness that is so characteristic of its big brother. Just like Secto Octo 4240 the lamp is produced in Finland and is made from form-pressed birch slats. Secto Octo 4240 is available in four different colours: Black, White, Birch and Walnut. The lamp gives off a very pleasant and elegant light that seeps through the slats of the lamp. In addition to the great diffusion of light, the lamp also has downward facing direct light, which makes it the perfect fit over a dining table.

All Secto's lamps are produced in Finland from Finnish Birch veneer. The wood used for the lamps is PEFC-Certified Finnish Birch veneer. This ensures environmentally friendly, sustainable wood of the highest quality. One of the ways this is achieved, is by only transporting the wood a short distance, and by ensuring that by products are recycled - some are turned into wood pellets, which can be used for heating systems. One therefore has to tip one's hat at Secto and their ability to produce both beautiful and sustainable designer lamps.

NOTE! Please note that the light bulb that comes with the lamp is an undimmable sample bulb. If you wish to use a dimmable LED light source, then please add one to your basket by clicking on "Supplementary Products" above. To prevent overheating, the manufacturer recommends that only LED light bulbs are used

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