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Obello Table Lamp Portable

Designer : Bill Curry
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Design: Bill Curry, 1971

American designer Bill Curry was the first to achieve a "total look" through a single glass mold with this elegant table lamp. Using the visual form of a sponge, he was inspired by the nuclear age, the space race, and the pop culture that would later define 1970s Los Angeles. In doing so, he created the Obello lamp that completely groundbreakingly eliminated the need for a separate base. Unfortunately, Bill Curry died the same year and never saw the prototype put into production.

GUBI has renewed this version of the iconic table lamp but retained the classic essence. They have made the lamp portable and given an IP44 rating so that the lamp can be taken outside and illuminate the dark evening hours. With the charming opaque glass and the ability to dim the light, the Obello lamp provides a calm and comfortable lighting that can be adjusted to the surroundings and fit into any home.
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