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FIGI ISOLA ESTRAIBILE Upholstered fabric day bed with removable cover

Designer : Orizzonti Design Center
Collection : Isole Figi

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Figi Isola Extractable is a removable fabric dormeuse with removable base.‎
Figi Isola with pull-out trundle is part of the “Figi Isole” program: a collection of single beds / sofa beds.‎ Seven models, three sizes and three different cushion seats make Figi Isole a versatile product that can be adapted to any environment or use: from a large living room to a small service room, from the children's room to a hotel room.‎ All Figi beds can be fitted with a storage compartment or a pull-out trundel and are available in three different mattress sizes.‎ Until 2018 the product was marketed under the brand Orizzonti Italia.‎

The Figi Islands are available in three Models:
› [1] fixed
› [2] storage
› [3] pull-out

Standard configuration The product includes the following elements:
› for [1-2-3]: structure
› for [1-2-3]: slatted base
› for [1-2-3]: removable cover in fabric, leather or faux leather
› for [2]: liftable base with storage
› for [3]: pull-out wooden base

Elements of completion
› [4] cushion seat without buttons - removable cover
› [5] cushion seat with buttons - non removable cover
› [6] mattress, model Sit & Sleep
› any other mattress

Sit & Sleep mattresses
› Standard
ecological foam mattress with simple cotton blend lining.‎
› Memory
mattress consists of an ecological foam plate coupled with a sheet of viscoelastic memory foam.‎ Quilted cover in mixed cotton, padded with hypoallergenic fibre.‎

Optional accessories
› [7] lightly-padded bedspread suitable for a mattress H16 cm
› [8] padded cushion for backrest
› [9] cushions, pillows and bolsters

Made to order : Production period
Furniture expected about 8~16 weeks
Lighting expected about 4~8 weeks
ETC expected about 1~4 weeks
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