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TONICA 1 Storage upholstered fabric pouf

Designer : Favaretto&Partners
Collection : Tonica

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Tonica is an upholstered ottoman with a stylish and compact design.‎ Tonica offers a tasteful addition to any interior with its one- and two-seater, seating islands and table element.‎ When a room has more functions than just sitting and working, Tonica ottoman is ideal for joining in and enhancing the relaxed atmosphere.‎

Think of a relaxed catch up in a lounge or lobby, but also a business situation where collaboration and group dynamics are important.‎ In addition, Tonica proves its strength during scrum sessions or in combination with existing workplaces.‎

Place Tonica separately, in combination with other furniture or create one large seating area from different Tonica elements.‎ The Tonica one-seater can be equipped with a practical storage function for tablets and magazines, among other things.‎ The seating islands and table element can be enhanced with electrification.‎

Frame: Plywood element fitted with high-quality foam.‎ A layer of Dacron is placed over the foam.‎ This drastically reduces friction and wear of the fabric.‎

Upholstery: Aside from the Casala upholstery, there is a wide fabric collection available from renowned manufacturers.‎ Alternative upholstery on request.‎ Tonica can be upholstered in two different fabrics from the same fabric group at no extra cost.‎ Two different fabric groups on request.‎

Table top: Standard plywood with an oak veneer top layer, varnished.‎

Made to order : Production period
Furniture expected about 8~16 weeks
Lighting expected about 4~8 weeks
ETC expected about 1~4 weeks
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