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Coming straight from Gironde, the French design house specialising in lighting fixtures, introduces us to creations borrowed from French know-how. Every 6 months, the brand from Corep, its parent company, launches a new collection of affordable luxury. Its designers, whose ambition is to break the codes of classic lighting to position it as a top-of-the-range piece, introduce us to collections that are as varied as they are original: sometimes of industrial inspiration, they Market Set draw on more minimalist inspirations to create a designer atmosphere.

The guidelines: chic, contemporary and love of materials. From these key words are born collections with graphic and resolutely chic lines: lamps, floor lamps, hangers, chandeliers… Market Set has everything you need to decorate your interiors. We must mention the very famous hanging Screen lamp with its openwork wickerwork panels, with undeniable decorative assets, which can create a special atmosphere (available in 1 or 4 bulbs).

The Market Set has Screen also been designed in white, with paper Murano and white metal panels, for a more contemporary look. This design ceiling light will find its place in a living room, a dining room or even in a bedroom. Also available in wall-mounted versions, the lights will be Screen used in even the smallest spaces, such as corridors, or as a bedside lamp, to bring a Scandinavian and exotic touch.

Market Set presents us with varied ranges, where wood, glass, steel, fabrics, wickerwork, rattan, are highlighted. We have no doubt that you will find the interior lighting of your dreams among their wide range of lighting fixtures: from the collection Singapour and its table lamps to the so singular lampshades, to the collectio Gatsby n and its metal panel lamps for a modern / vintage look, through the collection Waterlily that puts the spotlight on steel through its openwork panels for an industrial style… Market Set floods us with design lamps with a wide range of lighting fixtures, which are bound to find a place in your interiors.

To give style to your interiors and bring a warm touch to your decor, let yourself be carried away by the universe of Market set and trust the new trendsetter of design lighting!

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