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Since its foundation in the fifties, Danese Milano decided to enhance the space with a catalogue of disruptive objects, full of contemporary spirit and designed for the human being. Danese Milano was founded in 1957, the year in which the company began to involve the most important designers, architects and artists of our time. The history of Danese Milano therefore coincides with the history of design made in Italy, made of quality materials and synthesis of shapes that transcend seasonality and with an important diffusion to meet people's needs. From the very beginning Danese Milano's desire has been to create paradigms and models for the home and work environment, to design and offer objects that are always up-to-date and whose innovation remains contemporary. Over the decades to the present day, the company has absorbed the artistic gestures of those who distinguished the beginnings to mix them with methods and challenges that have marked the most recent products.

Danese Milano: new life for indoor and outdoor accessories

Between 2017 and 2018, thanks to Ron Gilard, the Brand reinterpreted the logo, reduced the initial catalogue and began to redesign the collections of objects dedicated to evoking everyday practices in which people relate to the space around them, maintaining the versatility of applications in different contexts of use. Among the various Danese Milano solutions, we find the lamps for indoor and outdoor. Falkland, in its floor and pendant versions, is a lamp whose shape comes from the tension of a filanca tube and the weight of some metal rings; in this way a spontaneous shape is generated, given by the tension of the internal forces that compose it. Itka is an opal glass wall or ceiling lamp, table lamp with marble or painted metal base. Itka is a flat-shaped lamp, which contributes to the uniform distribution of light without creating shadow zones. The opaline satin glass diffuser, strictly hand-worked, is suitable for ceiling and wall installations. Itka Base is a simple and immediate table lamp with a marble or ceramic base.

Danese accessories for table, pots and objects

The Danese Milano solutions also include the accessories for the table. The Sula carafe, in line with the values of environmental sustainability, is made to contain tap water. The ceramic it is made of is a perfect material for the thermal maintenance of the liquid contained. Bambù is a ceramic jar that originates from research into industrial production; the material chosen for the reissue of this collection of jars offers the opaque white color, which enhances the shapes and materiality of the subject. Putrella is a glove rack that can also serve as a centerpiece. The design is made from an industrial semi-finished product and is considered the paradigm of Enzo Mari’s research and work.
Made of transparent painted iron, it is produced in a limited edition of 100 copies per year. Camicia A is a vase consisting of a double element: a transparent glass container supported and wrapped by a cylinder of opaque, bottomless anodized aluminum; the element is also available in versions of Camicia B, stainless steel and glass, and Camicia C, black anodized aluminum and glass. The hole and the vertical cutting at all heights, practiced on the metal cylinder, allow the inside glass container to be seen on one side, showing its contents.

Danese Milano ashtrays become absolute design objects. Cubo is a table ashtray composed of two elements: a cubic shell, open on one side, and a metal foil, inserted inside it and whose shape and inclination of an acute angle cut create a slit that can accommodate and hide the contents. Barbados, on the other hand, is an ashtray in glazed ceramic, composed of two pieces: a base and an upper ring to hide part of the content; it is characterized by simplicity and geometry, which give the object a contemplative dimension. Sicilia is a glossy stainless-steel paper thrower with a cylindrical shape and a hexagonal base. Bincan, on the other hand, is a shockproof ABS basket, part of the collection of the same name created for the work environment and suitable for any use, both indoor and outdoor. It also includes the umbrella stand and the coat stand, all objects characterized by great essentiality.

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