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Enzo Catellani, born in 1950, started making his own lamps, not knowing if he would ever sell them. And then unexpected success came and Catellani&Smith was founded. Called "the poet of light" by many, Enzo Catellani considers himself neither an artist nor a designer, but simply a person who does what he likes to do. His lamps come from his imagination, without plans on paper, guided by intuition and experimentation. He started out as self-taught, in fact he was running a lamp store in Bergamo when he decided to try his hand at designing. His first lamp, the Torciù model, is still in production today: born in the store's basement, it was presented at the Frankfurt Salon and immediately achieved enormous success. That was in 1989, the year Enzo founded his Catellani & Smith, through which he churned out new lamp collections every year. Smith stood for Logan Smith, what was initially believed to be a London architect and instead was the name of Enzo Catellani's horse in those years.

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